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Mesa, AZ is a gorgeous desert city in Maricopa County. This destination in the Phoenix area is home to a population of approximately half a million people. Mesa is known for being a bustling city that has everything residents could need. Families, singles, and young adults all have amenities waiting for them in this city.

For art lovers, two different art museums call Mesa home. The Arizona Museum of Natural History is also located in Mesa. An amphitheater, water park, and plenty of movie theatres also amuse residents. In addition, two different malls and several shopping centers provide locals with fashion, food, and fun.

Investing in Mesa, Arizona Rental Property

Mesa is an eclectic, diverse city that’s appealing to people from various backgrounds. For several years, Mesa has maintained a hearty housing market with consistent home demand. The city’s population continues to grow steadily each year. One of Mesa’s biggest demographics is renters. In fact, 40% of residents in Mesa rent, which is above average. Since there’s so much demand for this type of property, renting out property is a great decision for real estate investors.

Working with Crest Premier Property Management in Mesa

Although investing in rental property can prove profitable, owning property is never easy. Homeowners must be constantly available to meet tenant needs and maintain their property. Is an investment worthwhile when it becomes a full-time job in itself?

This is where Crest Premier Property Management comes in. Our staff are experts in property management in Mesa, AZ. Not only do we provide services like tenant screening, marketing, and legal guidance; but we also handle day-to-day tasks like repairs and rent collection. If you’re searching for a reliable property management company in Mesa, Crest Premier Property Management will be your partner for years to come.

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Property Marketing

We find the right tenant for your home quickly. Our marketing approach includes aggressive advertising & promotional techniques designed to reach as many people as possible.

Tenant Screening

Every application for one of our properties is carefully screened. We use background & financial checks to qualify tenants and we only place the best of the best in your rental home.

Rent Collection

Get your rent check on time without any hassle. We collect all funds on your behalf, document income & expenses, and deposit your funds directly to your bank account.


Keep your home healthy and your tenants satisfied with our maintenance support. We coordinate repairs, get the work done quickly, and process all related invoices.

Property Inspections

Our team regularly inspects every property in our portfolio. These visits give us the chance to see what's taking place inside your home. If we identify any problems, we get them fixed.

Financial Reporting

Monitoring your financial performance is easy. Our team generates monthly reports and puts all of your statements and information inside your account portal for quick access.


If you ever find yourself stuck with a bad tenant, don't try to handle the complicated eviction process alone. Let us help you resolve the issue & find a qualified new tenant.

Legal Guidance

Arizona's complicated web of tenant-landlord laws is enough to trip up any homeowner. Let our team keep your property in check and eliminate unnecessary risks from your plate.

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We Respond to You Quickly

Don't find yourself stuck with a property manager who doesn't prioritize your concerns. By working with Crest Premier, you'll enjoy hands-on support from our team of residential real estate pros.

Our Team Knows How to Impress Renters, Too

We've worked with countless tenants in our leasing process, and we know what renters want to see in a potential property. We use this insight to help you earn top dollar & optimizing your home for success.

"Crest Premier Properties has helped me in purchasing two properties. Sherman is very knowledgeable and provides excellent input regarding investment property decisions. Additionally, Sherman and Euphemia have done an excellent job in managing my properties. They provide timely responses, resolve issues efficiently, and charge reasonable fees. I would strongly recommend Crest Premier Properties to manage your property."

Heidi S.

Satisfied Client

"When my dad passed away and left me with one rental home I had no idea how I would manage it. I found Crest Premier Properties through a friend and they agreed to manage my property. To date I have not had any problems with their management. I receive my rental income into my checking account each month and my statement is always available online. Thanks Crest!"

Paul A.

Satisfied Client


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If you own rentals in Phoenix or the surrounding area, you need a property manager who can help optimize your investment for success. While owning residential real estate can prove lucrative, it's essential to have an effective property management strategy in place. From finding the right tenant for the home to handling repairs and billing, property management is no small feat.

With Crest Premier Property Management, you'll experience an easier side to home ownership. Our team works with you to address your specific concerns and we constantly identify new ways to boost your profitability. We have the resources to keep you performing optimally for years to come. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can help you exceed your financial goals.

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