How to Apply

Rental Criteria

Thank you for considering us to provide you with your next home. Before you begin please read the following and if you need further clarification please call our office at 480-838-9558.

Applicants: Everyone over the age of 18 that will occupy the home must submit a separate application and pay a $40 non-refundable application fee.

Income: The NET ! household income (take home pay) should be at least 3 (three) times the monthly rent. We must be able to verify employment history. If you are self-employed we need tax returns for the past 2 years.

Credit History: To determine satisfactory credit worthiness we run a report through a credit report agency. Bankruptcy discharge has to be at least 2 yrs old.

Rental History: We will verify your past and current rental history. The following are grounds for automatic denial:

  • More than two late payments in the past year
  • More than one returned check in the past year
  • More than one non-compliance notice served during the past year
  • One or more Eviction or Judgement for non payment of rent in the past 5 years

Pets: Some homeowners do not allow pets. Before applying please check to see if pets are allowed for the specific property you are interested in. If it is unclear then please call the office at 480-838-9558 to verify. For insurance reasons, we generally do not accept Rottweiler, Pitbull, Doberman or any of the Restricted Breeds. A pet deposit or a monthly pet fee may be required and it varies depending on the age and breed of the pet

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside any of our residences.

Step 1

Go to our Rental Search page to browse available properties

Step 2

 Find a property you are interested in renting

Step 3

Click apply and complete the steps provided